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August 20, 2020

Paul Poster .jpg


Written and Directed by Ryan Rebel

A short, live-streamed play presented by Shoe Box Theatre Collective

Form. Content. Tradition. Revision. Paul is sort of about Paul, the framer of the gospels. Paul is really about Jaz and Leslie, two people lost in a virtual relation, desperate for a sense of certainty.

Jaz: Ang Bey (they/them/theirs) 

Leslie: Jo Vito Ramirez (they/them/theirs)


Taylor Cawley as Athena

Briyana D. Clarel as Carly

Bryce Menard as Percy

Terriny Morrison as Meddie

William Morrison as Dion


Production Team:

Ezra Ali-Dow - Scenic Designer

Ang Bey - Director / Playwright

Zoe Feldman- Video Designer

Hannah Opdenaker - Stage Manager

Kelly Orenshaw - Lighting Design / Production Manager

Ryan Rebel - Director

Kevin Sommerville - Technical Director 

Kate Sparacio- Sound Designer 

Jo Vito Ramirez- Props Designer


Nov 15-23, 2020

May 17-19, 2019



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January 18-20 & 25-26, 2019

November 10-11 & 16-17, 2018


Brainpeople Final Hi-Res - Copy.jpg

April 27-29, 2018

Shoe Box 2018 Poster.jpg

September 21 - 24 & 29-30, 2017


MArch 31 -April 2, 2017


MAy 19 -22, 2016


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