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Avery Ellis_edited.jpg

Avery Ellis
RED, Finion, safari animal

Avery Ellis is 8 years old and is local to Roxborough. Her experience includes dancing with The Philadelphia Ballet as Fritz and other roles in The Nutcracker at the Academy of Music, as well as Cinderella and Snow White.

Olivia Lewandowski

 ORANGE, Drone, safari animal

Olivia Lewandowski headshot _edited.jpg

Olivia Lewandowski is thrilled to make her first appearance at Venice Island. She has previously performed at Old Academy Players as Princess in Wedding Band and as Cobweb in Shakespeareapalooza. Olivia is a fourth grader at Thomas Mifflin School in East Falls where she enjoys learning math, science, and chess. Outside of school, Olivia enjoys conducting science experiments, swimming, gymnastics, and participating in Girl Scouts. She has enjoyed the experience and hopes to continue acting in community theater in the future.

Brylonde Baylis-Shepard

YELLOW, Crocodile

Brylonde Baylis graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Theater arts from Temple University. She enjoys performing on stage both in acting and dancing. She is grateful to her friends and family for their love and support. She’s also excited to be performing with this wonderful cast and production!

Jane Touhy is happy to join the cast of The Day the Rainbow Broke Up. Previous works include The Wiz, Sing, and Mulan (Allen's Lane Arts Center). Jane would like to thank their family, cats Emma and Hazel, and the Rainbow team for their support. 

Jane Tuohy

GREEN, Drone, safari animal

Jane Touhy Headshot.jpeg

Rachael Kuhn

BLUE, Monkey

Rachael Kuhn is a recent transplant to Philadelphia. Rachael grew up in Mechanicsburg, PA and enjoys cooking, yoga, and watching hockey & football.


Faith Beatty is excited to be in the show. She’s lived in Manayunk her whole life. Acting is a passion. 

Faith Beaty

VIOLET, Bunting Bird, New Butterfly

Faith Beatty_edited.jpg

Zoe Murphy is from Northwest Philadelphia, Zoe loves spending time in nature, caring for animals, playing piano, painting, helping others, engaging with the community, and acting!

Zoe Murphy

INDIGO, Bunting Bird, Elephant

Zoe Murphy Headshot_edited.jpg

Shannon Terek is currently a genetic counselor at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. This is her first show in the Philly region and first time returning to theater in almost 10 years!

Shannon Terek

Bunting Bird, Queen Bee, Ostrich

Shannon Terek headshot.jpg

Gigi Fleurentin

Bunting Bird, Drone, Lion

Gigi Fleurentin headshot.jpeg

Gigi is incredibly excited and grateful to be performing on stage, here at the Venice theatre for the first time ever. She can usually be found pursuing other artistic endeavors including acting and painting. However she knows the theatre stage is another egg she’ll be adding to her basket. She thanks Dena and Venice for this opportunity. 

Ashley "Ash" Wanner is a transplant artist from NJ. She is proud to play two roles in her theatrical debut, Betta Fish and Zebra. Ash is also passionate about fashion history.

Ash Wanner

Betta Fish, Zebra

Ashley _Ash_ Wanner_edited.jpg

Stephanie Crispell is thrilled to be in this production! When not involved in theatre, she is an elementary special education teacher by day. Thanks to her family and friends for all their support! 

Stephanie Crispel

Big Butterfly, Princess Bee-yonce, Giraffe

Stephanie Crispell headshot.jpg

Jack Madden-Dawson

New Butterfly, Rose Bud

Jack Madden-Dawson is having his stage debut. In his free time, he loves to draw, jump on the trampoline, or ride bicycles with his mommy along the river trail. 

Jack Madden-Dawson Headshot_edited.jpg

Robbie Goldwein is thrilled to make his acting and on stage debut with this talented cast! He’s an Artist, Educator, and Passionate about teaching kids the importance of cooking healthy food. 

Robbie Goldwein

Tree, Rose Bud, safari animal

Robbie Goldwein headshot.jpg

Atira Hepworth is excited to be in TDTRBU! Recent credits: scare acting at Lincoln Mill Haunted House and Williamsburg Busch Gardens, and WBG's Sesame Street friends - Rosita, Ernie and Grover.

Atira Hepworth

Rose, safari animal

Atira Hepworth Headshot.jpg
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