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About Us


The purpose of the Venice Island Performing Arts Center is to: 

- enhance the cultural experience and cultivate a deeper appreciation of the arts in the citizens of Philadelphia.

- improve the breadth, and quality, diversity of creative opportunities for Philadelphians of all ages participating in recreation and city department programs.  

- see that Venice Island is a vibrant, thriving destination enjoyed by residents and visitors of Philadelphia and the Manayunk community for years to come. 



Venice Island Performing Arts and Recreation Center, located in Manayunk, opened in October 2014. A park, recreation and performance center, Venice Island functions as both a community space and a green stormwater infrastructure hub between the Manayunk Canal and Schuylkill River. 

Built on the site of an existing recreation center, the idea for the current Venice Island was established over a decade ago as a collaborative effort between several city departments (chief among them Philadelphia Parks & Recreation and Philadelphia Water) and nonprofit organizations, like the Manayunk Development Corporation.

Board Members

Tom Dignam (President)

Kay Sykora (Treasurer) 

Kelly Orenshaw (Secretary) 

Larry Iaccio (Secretary) 

Eileen Gray

Daralyse Lyons

Adrienne Maitland-Laguda 

Gwen McCauley

Shav'on Smith

William Powell 


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