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Modern Architecture

Mommy, Daddy & Me

Written & Directed by Tiffani Dean


Rainbow, Sunshine, and William are a happy Black family in 1950's Philadelphia, that is until they and William experience the many issues that affect Black families during this era.


Mommy, Daddy, & Me is a 1950's short choreopoem play about the Black family experiences during the Jim Crow period.


Tired Of Being Tired

By: The Theatre Lives in You

 A one man show, displaying the pressures of being a black man in today's world and society. The ups and downs life brings, how you react to things that are out of your control. 

Jade’s Story: Her service comes with a price too

Written & Directed by Jody Austin


Jade is a retired war veteran trying to cope with the fallout that comes along with deployment. 


Jade's story is a short play about what women veterans experience when they return home from deployment as well as completing their service obligation. 

Gas Station Ice Cream

by Skye Fort and Rebecca Posner


Gas Station Ice Cream is a new work in development about adolescence, nostalgia, and feeling out of touch. 

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