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Whitman on Walls!

Whitman on Walls!.png

August 20th, 2022

7:00 PM- Garden Opens 

8:00 PM- Performance


The  Whitman on Walls! (WoW!) vision is to project the seven films on a public wall. After each film a local poet stands up at a microphone and "speaks back" to Whitman in their own words.  This event is similar to a drive-in movie meets a poetry slam.  Poets take up Whitman's challenge or quarrel with him, thus weaving together film and live recitation/performance.  The films portray over 50 actors from around the world who are paired with a live performance of a number of local artists, including a class from a local Philadelphia public elementary school.

In the hour before the performance, local artists, audience, food vendors, businesses and local community are encouraged to come to the grass area surrounding the performance in order to connect to their local community!

Local Poets: 

Sean Hanrahan, David Kozinski, Elijah Pringle, Alison Lubar, Brooke Palma,  Leah Jackson, including students of poet and Samuel Powell Elementary School teacher Octavia McBride Ahebee

In Partnership with: 
Venice Island PAC, Compagnia de' Colombari & Mad Poets Society